The Problem IS The Solution

Do you know the reason for most problems in life? The Mind

So, what can be the ONE solution for most problems in life? The Mind




Really?? You may ask…

How can my mind fix my health issues? Only medicines and treatment can…

How can my mind fix my relationship issues?  Only the other person in my life can…

How can my mind fix my financial issues?  Only more income can…


Let us probe a little bit…

Most health issues have their source in the mind…

The negative thoughts and emotions in the mind lead to physical issues. This is because of the mind-body connection. It may be hard to become aware of it. Nevertheless, it is always present and is continually impacting our health. Thus we can improve our physical health through enhancing our mind power and by mastering our mind…

Most relationship issues have their source in the mind…

It is the ego in us that makes us find fault with the other person, be it spouse or parents or kids. It seems hard for us to accept where we could be going wrong, but seems easy to point at the other person.

But if we can put our ego aside and look at the situation objectively, perhaps we will be willing to take responsibility for any relationship issue. This will automatically show us the solution.

The ego is simply the play of the mind. Thus we can improve our relationships by enhancing our mind power and by mastering our mind…

Most financial issues have their source in the mind…

Most of us tend to find money for what we want to spend on. When we think something is important, we first set aside the money for that.

If cell phone is important to us, don’t we set the money aside for that service?

If cable television is important for our lifestyle, don’t we set the money aside for that service?

For some, it could be gadgets; for some, it could be clothes and shoes; for some, it could be eating out;

Most of us have at least some money every month to spend. We make priorities and decide what we want to spend it on.

If there is no money at all to spend, then we are not doing any work, and the reason for that also is our mind. That is a conscious choice we are making.

Our financial situation is rooted in our mind. Thus we can improve our finances through enhancing our mind power and by mastering our mind…


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What eating apple teaches me about Yoga

It is Friday evening; 6 PM to be exact. I am slicing an apple. When I realize that I can’t cut it any more with the knife, I start biting into the fruit around the core until there is no more fruit part left.

I have been vigorously turning the left over apple on all sides, until I could get everything.

All I can now see is the hard core part.

Apple Core with Stem

I am fully satisfied with my process of eating this healthy fruit called apple.

I have also taken quite a bit of time for eating it this thoroughly.


My lovely mother has been watching me throughout the process. As I finish eating the fruit to the fullest, she asks me:

“Why should you spend so much time eating this apple? What is wrong in leaving those inner parts of the fruit uneaten?

Are you not satisfied with eating just the outer parts that are easy to cut with the knife?

Why are you eating as though it is the last apple you are ever going to eat in your life?”

Mother & Shanthi Aug 2015

I answer her thus:

“Dear mother, when the fruit has a certain amount of value to give me, why should I under-utilize it and get only the surface value?

I want to extract ALL the possible essence I can get from ANYTHING, not just from the apple, and savor every bit of it.

I bet that the apple is equally satisfied that someone has savored every bit of it, and not thrown it while eating only 70% or 80%.

If you have an evolved ear, you can hear the apple actually saying so.”


I feel the same way with Yoga too. Most people are satisfied with getting just the surface value from Yoga. They stop mostly with the physical layer. They have NO patience or interest to go till its core and get every bit of essence they can out of the Yoga wisdom. 

There aren’t many teachers who have the knowledge to teach you the wisdom in a deep way too.

If you want to be different, if you want to be one of the evolved beings to savor every bit of the essence (Saaram) of Yoga, then find a teacher who can impart you the divine knowledge of Yoga,in ALL of its entirety.

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Wake Up to Peace Every Day



Today is the World Peace Day.

So wake up to Peace for 2 reasons:

  1. World peace is not possible unless YOU are in peace.

World is made of people like you and me.

If you and I are tensed, the world cannot be in peace.

Even your family can’t be in peace if you are not in peace, because your mental state impacts everyone around you.


    2. You are responsible for your own peace.

Others may be responsible for external peace around you.

But no one can enter the depths of your heart and create tension inside.

They can, ONLY if you allow them to.

So you ALONE are responsible for your inner peace, despite tension outside.


Fittingly today is also the World Gratitude day.

  1. Peace and Gratitude go hand in hand.
  2. When you are at peace with yourself, your heart becomes filled with gratitude for everything in this universe.
  3. Whenever you feel grateful, you instantly feel peace within you.

There are many factors that can bring you more inner peace.

Gratitude is one factor.

When you wake up, don’t think of all the things that are wrong with your life.

Instead, think of 3 – 5 things you can feel grateful about in life.

It can be the same 3 – 5 things every day or different things. It does not matter.

It is the feeling (of gratitude) that counts.


You can also listen to peaceful vibrations like those that come from chanting.

I created a new digital CD on chanting earlier this month and will write about it in my next email.

Meanwhile work on surrounding yourself with peaceful people, and work on your inner peace.

Let us do it together…

Now, it is your turn to talk….(write)

  1. Do you think that others are responsible for your peace, if not fully, at least partially?
  2. Have you noticed that your peace or non-peace impacts others around you?
  3. What activities are you doing on a regular basis, to bring peace within you?

Please share your views…

I love to learn from you….


Relaxation Demystified


If you need to feel TRULY FREE, then you need to know how to TRULY RELAX.
It is OK to feel tensed, stressed, upset, and disappointed. It is OK to  experience the whole gamut of negative emotions.

But if you are intelligent, you will quickly come back to a relaxed state. You will not let yourself linger in the negative emotion.

This is possible ONLY if you know how to TRULY relax.

People usually associate relaxation with one of the following:

  • Watching a movie
  • Listening to music
  • Reading a book
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Socializing
  • Eating
  • Sex

        And so on…

Music can be relaxing depending on how soothing or calming it is.

A movie or a book can be relaxing if it is humor based or inspiring.

But most of the times, these may be just forms of entertainment.


Smoking puts a lot of stress on our internal organs, not to mention how harmful it is to the environment.

Drinking negatively impacts the body and the brain. If it stresses the body and the brain, how can it relax the mind?

Thus the above two may be at best, a means for escaping from a certain mental state.
They are deceptive and make you think that they are relaxing.

Even if you feel relaxed through them, it may be very temporary. The restless state may return back to you.


How to recognize if some activity is truly relaxing or not?
What is the litmus test for a true relaxation technique when you are tensed?

1. A true relaxation technique should bring you to a BALANCED STATE.
2. It should SHIFT YOUR ATTITUDE towards any situation that is causing you agitation or tension.
3. When you continue using the technique, it should be capable of keeping you in a CALM STATE MORE OFTEN than before
4. When you find yourself in a stressful state physically or mentally, you must be able to use the technique yourself FOR A FEW MINUTES to quickly RELAX your body and CALM your mind
5. It should be healing to the BODY, MIND AND BRAIN
6. It must be a technique that you can do on your OWN WITHOUT  DEPENDING ON OTHERS


Now it is your turn…
What are some of the activities and techniques you use for relaxing your body and mind?
Do they pass some or ALL of the litmus tests mentioned above?


Below is the “Happiness Yoga” Experience of Phani Krishna, India

The Myth of Freedom


On August 15th,  India will be celebrating her Independence Day. Yes, India became free on this day about 68 years back.

This made me wonder what it is to be REALLY free?

Is it doing what you like whenever you like?

Is it going anywhere you like anytime?

Is it eating and drinking anything anytime?

Is it the freedom of speech or freedom of movement or freedom of thinking?

What exactly is this thing called “Freedom?”

As I pondered over the topic, it dawned on me that in the name of freedom, we may be enslaved.

We may be thinking that we are acting out of freedom. But actually we may be feeling compelled by our own desires to do things.

We may be chained to do things a certain way.

Let me explain…

Anand decides to go to a place and if circumstances are not conducive for his going, he gets frustrated.

Rita wants to eat a certain snack and if she is prevented from eating it, she gets angry.

John has been drinking coffee every morning. When he was advised to give it up, he felt he was losing his freedom.

Similar was the case with Sheela’s video game habit, Henry’s smoking habit and Robert’s drinking habit.

If we go deep into the subject, we are not sure whether they are doing whatever they are doing because they are free to do it, or because they are compelled to do it? This is not compulsion from outside, but from inside.

True freedom is being at ease even when you are not in a position to do something you really want to do. This is also called inner freedom.

When Jennifer got angry and broke her phone out of anger, it was not out of choice or freedom, but because she felt she had no choice but to be angry, and to express the anger in a particular way.

What are your thoughts on this?

When it comes to your actions and activities, are they always out of your freedom or sometimes out of inner compulsion?

What activities are you doing on a regular basis, which are not out of freedom but out of enslavement?

Please share your views.

There are also other shades of freedom.

Freedom from tension in the body, stress in the mind, and confusion in the brain; Freedom from the clutches of the past and fears of future; The list goes on…

Every day it is good to focus on at least 1 activity that will lead you to true freedom.


What would you choose?

Mothers day 2

I wish you a wonderful Mother’s day tomorrow.
If you are not a mother, then pass it on
to your mother and strive to be
a daughter or a son that your
mother feels proud about.

Please take the opportunity now to
patch up any difference you may have
with your mother or child.

May be it was something that happened
someday that bothered you, but you
never took the time to sort it out.
Today why don’t you pledge to sort it out?

Don’t think that Mother’s day is only to
laugh and talk pleasant things.

There is nothing more pleasant than
to help someone unburden.

Maybe your mother or child has many
unsaid things. Maybe, YOU need to unburden.

Whether your mother is there with you
or not physically, let her spirit bring you
inner peace.

If you are going to gift her, What would
you choose for her as an ideal gift?

Watch my video to get some ideas.

Live FREE or DIE

Whenever I see the New Hampshire’s welcome sign “Live Free or Die”, I would find myself in total resonance with it, because I too feel the same way. I would also add “Live Happy or Die”.  If you can’t lead a happy life, what is the point in living? I am NOT implying that if you can’t be happy in life then you have to cause death to yourself.  That will be like devil quoting the scriptures.


You see, it is NOT circumstances, situations and people that decide your happiness. IT is YOU. Really?  How can  you be happy with  the illness, tragedy or the person cheating on you? and how can YOU be held responsible for any of them?

Well, the bitter truth is that YOU invited those people and situations in your life through your own thought vibrations, and through your own attitudes. You may not want to accept it, and may want to blame others for your unhappiness. But, all it will do is to leave you dis-empowered.

I am telling you again, even if it is NOT clear to you how and when you invited them, they are there in your life ONLY because of your invitation even if it is indirect.

It is now up to YOU to refuse to allow THEM to overpower you. They cannot bind you unless YOU let them. It IS possible for you to live in FREEDOM, whether it is freedom from physical pain, illness, mental hurts, or addictive habits. The techniques of ancient Yoga help you experience the FREEDOM and POSITIVITY, despite the situation you are in.

It is also the reason why working for the cause of eradicating child slavery is SO DEAR to my heart. They have to live FREE, or it is equivalent to death though they are physically not dead. Check out for more details.

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Take this opportunity in invest in your Home Practice course and while you are working on YOUR FREEDOM, you help the children gain THEIR FREEDOM.

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Why Self-care Makes Mothers Role-models

May is Mother’s Month.

My salutations to you if you are currently a mother. If you are not a mother, then I salute YOUR mother for giving to the world a beautiful person like you.

This is the right moment to remember that you can be a great role model to your kids or family, ONLY WHEN you are in peace with yourself. It is true that the life throws at you challenges and it is NOT easy to stay calm in the midst of the chaos. But you are not helpless. The power of the ancient Yoga provides you simple ways to achieve just that.

There are Yoga techniques for your mind-body wellness, that you can do at home even in a few minutes of free time. It is essential that you take care of yourself first, by allocating the necessary time, energy and resources. Seek out help, training and the right education. That is when you can truly take care of others in your family. Mothers or women in general have a tendency to feel that it is selfish to spend time, energy and resources on themselves. They feel guilty about it, as though their energy, money and time is always for others.

What you may not realize is that if you are stressed or unhappy, you will be transferring the same to others at energetic level. Even if you are trying hard to hide it and not openly show it, your family and children can sense your vibrations. The best help you can do for them is by offering the same to you first.

Watch the video below as to how it has impacted the family of Lisa who is privately getting trained by me for her Stress and Lyme disease.

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Weight loss

Yoga has been assigned a limited role of “Exercises for relaxation and flexibility”. It is not considered as a sole means for maintaining excellent health and ideal weight by the majority.

Somehow, weight loss  is associated with only making Yoga something that it is NOT- aerobic and fast, like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga or fast moving Yoga, but never as the Authentic Yoga with slow movements.

Can Ancient Yoga practices provide weight loss really?

Excess weight can be due to lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, anxiety, compulsive eating, wrong company and lack of purpose in life.

Yoga is a comprehensive and holistic system that can address all the above causes for over weight problem.

In WEIGHT-LOSS THROUGH YOGA –Part 1  , we covered 4 ways. In Part-2, we’ll cover ways 5, 6, and 7 namely compulsive eating, wrong company and lack of purpose in life.


(5)   Compulsive Eating

Compulsive eating or emotional eating happens when you feel weak, dis-empowered, when you feel you are not in control of anything. It is when you feel that things are happening on their own and you are just a victim. But Yogic wisdom makes you the master of your own life. At will, you can choose to eat something or you can choose NOT to.


(6)   Wrong Company

The company you seek and hang out with has a lot of role in how you lead your life. Humans are social animals. We need the support and motivation of others, family, friends and community to follow through our good intentions. We cannot always do it alone.


When you practice Yoga, the company you are surrounded with are also people who want to further their development. In fact Yoga recommends that you avoid people who are not supporting you in your highest goals. Thus in your weight loss goals, you will choose to surround yourself with people who are also putting forth efforts to lose their excess weight in a holistic way.


Thus your efforts will yield result faster.


(7)    Lack of purpose in life

People who don’t care about their physical body are people who may lack direction and purpose in life.  They fail to realize that this body is the only vehicle through which any achievement is possible in the world.  If this body is not maintained through healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, then it becomes unfit to be a vehicle for anything.

Yoga practice in the true sense helps you understand why you are born and what you are expected to achieve in this lifetime. This then automatically forces you to care for your body and your health and helps to maintain the ideal weight without which fulfilling your dreams becomes only a dream and NOT a reality.


The author has created an on-line video training to  address ALL the 7 ways, that you can lose weight through Yoga. It is called “YogaMoves: Fitness for Life”. To know more about it, visit



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